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We support the Allergy Immunology Foundation of Australasia. Learn more

Special COVID-19 precautions are being taken in our consulting rooms. Learn more about how this will affect you and your appointment ... if you are sick, postpone your appointment...only ESSENTIAL carers allowed...ADULTS COME ALONE (no extras): CHILD PATIENT - ONE PARENT (no extras) .. and no


Get the Flu shot in 2023! All Australians are being urged to be vaccinated this year, and being allergic to egg does NOT increase the risk of a vaccine reaction. Learn more..

2020 is shaping up to be a bad hay fever season. Learn why and what you can do.

Allergy information

One of the prime aims of this website for the last 2 decades is to provide useful educational articles for patients and their carers. Learn more...

Australian Parliamentary enquiry into Allergies and Anaphylaxis released 15 June 2020. Read the recommendations...

If you have anaphylaxis, follow you action plan Do NOT delay seeking medical attention because of concerns surrounding COVID-19 infection in the health care setting.

I have rash; it must be allergic and I must have an allergy test...!

Well, most rashes are NOT allergic, do not need allergy testing and are often best seen by a skin specialist. Indeed, with waiting lists for high priority cases of food allergy and anaphylaxis blowing out, we do not appointments for review of rashes. Learn more....