Allergy Information


Allergic disease in Australia

How common, is it increasing and why?

General information

What is allergy?

Specific Allergy testing

Food allergy screening tests

IgE; history and use

Allergy Prevention links (ASCIA website external link)


Unproven allergy testing and treatment techniques

Allergic and respiratory disease

Avoiding allergic triggers

Hay fever

Non allergic rhinitis (vasomotor rhinitis)

Postnasal drip

Rhinitis medicamentosa

Snotty noses - many causes !



Vocal cord dysfunction

Face and eye swelling and rashes - please note: we do NOT offer appointments for assessment of rashes: be referred to a dermatologist (skin specialist) instead

Eye swelling

Sore irritable eyeballs

Lip swelling

Face swelling

Baby stuff

Children with upset stomachs

Red faced babies

Constipation in infants: is it allergy?



Thunderstorm asthma

Aspirin sensitive asthma (see Aspirin Triad article below)

Immunotherapy (desensitisation) to switch off respiratory allergy

Combined information on injectable (SCIT) and sublingual/oral (SLIT) immunotherapy

Sinus disease


Sinus pain

Allergic fungal sinusitis

Nasal polyps

Aspirin triad (Samter’s triad)

Milk, mucus and cough

Adenoid facies

Skin allergy - please note: we do NOT offer appointments for assessment of rashes: be referred to a dermatologist (skin specialist) instead

Skin rashes - general comments


Contact allergic dermatitis


Cold urticaria and cold anaphylaxis

Erythema nodosum

Bites and sting allergy

Bites and stings

Jumper ant allergy

Tick bite allergy

Food reactions

Food reactions overview

Food allergy screening tests

Food allergy- specific foods

Seafood allergy

Coconut allergy

Alcohol allergy and adverse reactions

Delayed food allergy in infants

Auriculotemporal syndrome (Frey’s syndrome): a food allergy mimic

Immunotherapy/desensitisation to food: current research

Eosinophilic oesophagitis

Food allergy management

Oral allergy syndrome

Food allergen diet sheets

Drug allergy

Drug and antibiotic allergy overview

Pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs

Latex allergy

Complementary  alternative medicines/herbal medicines

Serum sickness



Adrenaline/EpiPen for severe allergies

EpiPen mistakes - how not to use EpiPen

Anaphylaxis in schools

Miscellaneous topics

Quality of life

Orofacial granulomatosis

Exercise and allergy

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